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Emo is a kind of subculture that was born on the basis of the same musical direction in punk rock. In the bulk of these fans Emo style - teenagers and young infantile . As the name itself derived from the word emo "emotional ", it is needless to say that all members of this movement simply must rapidly to show their emotions , wringing his hands, thinking about the inevitability of death, and weep over a dead bird or a faded rose - after all this so romantic ! This picture has to constantly be depressed and stay in the eternal quest for the perfect love. Emo quite aggressive, they prefer to revel in their own misery , and not to bring them to other people . This Emo Kid is always very easy to spot in a crowd - it have to be blue-black , opening one eye oblique bangs long , black dress with bright pink accessories , legs emo prefer to wear sneakers, laced in a special way . This style is especially revered among girls - teenage boys also quickly get tired of eternal suffering and crying , clutching a teddy bear, which , by the way , is another essential attribute of emo culture. Therefore, in recent years in the network have become so popular is the game for girls emo , because it is they are willing to sit for hours in your favorite Emo chat rooms , and then with his head immersed in the world of virtual games Emo , where you can take full soul, remeasure incredible amount of stunning black and pink dress that you can not afford to buy in our harsh reality. Given the specificity of the audience , the developers of these games have made the main focus is on the game - " dress up ". Most of them are young female fans Emo culture is invited to choose a suitable heroine in style garderobchik stood in black and poisonous pink. The heroine of the game is of course emo - girl ( in rare cases it can be more and emo - boy ) that needs to be collected, usually at Emo party, although sometimes there are other, more original versions . For example, in some games, the player must make a special Emo Cake or ice cream , or come up with and draw for the heroine teddy touching each other , so-called Emo Fluffy . Another large group games in this series is sim games hairdresser or beauty salon . In them, the player is required to make a virtual emo girl suits its style her hair and choose the right makeup. In addition , there is also a picture - puzzle games , puzzle games and even Schutter , so every fan of emo culture will find yourself on our website it is an interesting game.

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Games for Girls Emo online

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